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 ABA Logo            


ABA Job Description


Provides ABA programs to members, chapters and regional groups.


  1. Have time to maintain and coordinate the rental of programs.


  1. Establish and maintain an inventory of items handled by Special Services.   This includes rental programs and other items available for sale.
  2. Submit a list of available programs for rent and items for sale to the Bell Tower Editor. Update as necessary.
  3. Maintain records of all monies received and forward to the ABA Treasurer.
  4. Maintain records of all orders received from and mailed to members.
  5. At times, the Executive Board may authorize the sale of bell items. These may be handled through Special Services.
  6. Attempt to procure new programs by:
    1. Asking convention presenters to ‘voice over’ their PowerPoint presentation
    2. Ask chapters and Regional Groups for programs
    3. Ask members to send programs
  7. Make copies of DVD programs to be sold to members for their use.

Attachments for possible use: 
Special Services Account Form (Microsoft Excel File)
Special Services Inventory Worksheet


All ABA Position Instructions (officers, appointments, coordinators and committee chairs):
Review your Job Description and send any updates or note of ‘no changes’ to the Job Description Coordinator towards the end of your annual term.
Remit to Treasurer all expenses, with receipts by the end of fiscal year, March 31st.  Committees, whose budgets are large, remit expenses with receipts for payment periodically.
Prepare an annual report for your position and email/mail the report to the Secretary no later than one month before convention.
Complete and return by email the Discussion Form sent to you by the Secretary no later than one month before convention.


Important information for name and logo copyrights:

In any print communications there must be the use of the trademarks for the name and logo for ABA.
The first time the organization’s name appears it must be capitalized with the registered trademark following.  THE AMERICAN BELL ASSOCIATION®. 
For the registered trademark: ctrl+alt+r will work on most keyboards.  ®
The name of The Bell Towersm must have a superscript sm after it. 
The sm superscript can be made by clicking the superscript icon in your word processing program sm.
The logo must be the official logo of ABA with the registered trademark.

Special Services Chairperson:  The Chairperson will include the ABA logo on all forms and correspondence, and affix stickers containing the ABA logo on all media and programs provided; and make every effort to use the terms “educational programs,” “exhibits of different types of  of bell collections” and “demonstrations of bells” whenever possible to describe same.