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The Past President representative on the Executive Board, functions in a consultant capacity, provides information when requested and responds to all correspondence being reviewed by the Executive Board. This is important even though the representative does not have an official vote.  The expertise and historical knowledge a Past President has can be of great help.


  1. Past President of the The American Bell Association International, Inc.
  2. Be able to be present at ABA Executive Board Meetings.
  3. Have time to respond to Executive Board Correspondence.
  4. Ability and basic skills to access the internet and familiar with the use of email.



  1. Attend meeting of the Past Presidents
  2. Attend all meetings of the Executive Board
  3. Report Executive Board actions to the Past Presidents
  4. Reply to correspondence from President and send copies of reply to Executive Board members.
  5. Offer information, when requested, to the ABA President and Board on matters being reviewed by the Board


Organizational Bell Information

The American Bell Association Organizational Bell is a true symbol of membership in ABAII, and is sponsored by the Past National Presidents of the Association.
It is engraved with the official ABAII logo. The logo shows the year of ABA's establishment and the name of the calligrapher, "R. F. Daboll".

An organizational bell will be engraved with a President’s name and year of service.  The bell is presented by the Chairman of the Past Presidents at the Annual Convention’s Induction of New Officers at the end of the President’s year.


All ABA Position Instructions (officers, appointments, coordinators and committee chairs):
Review your Job Description and send any updates or note of ‘no changes’ to the Job Description Coordinator towards the end of your annual term.
Remit to Treasurer all expenses, with receipts by the end of fiscal year, March 31st.  Committees, whose budgets are large, remit expenses with receipts for payment periodically.
Prepare an annual report for your position and email/mail the report to the Secretary no later than one month before convention.
Complete and return by email the Discussion Form sent to you by the Secretary no later than one month before convention.