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ABA Job Description



The Nominating Committee selects a slate of officers whose interest and capabilities in each office will assure leadership that will contribute to the continued growth and the future of ABA.



  1. Should be acquainted with ABA members talents, capabilities, and interests.
  2. Be aware of duties and responsibilities required by each office as stated in the Bylaws, Standing Rules and Current Procedures in the Job Description.
  3. Assure that prospective candidates have a working background, experience and knowledge of ABA
  4. Have time to work closely with other committee members and to carry on discussion with each prospective candidate.
  5. Ability and basic skills to access the internet and familiarity with the use of email.




  1. Committee members meet at convention with Immediate Past President who is an ex-officio member with no vote.
  2. Select a Chair for the Committee.
  3. Discuss candidate prospects.  The Prospective ABA Officer and Committee Survey can be useful.  Consider handing out at convention or sending to the Bell Tower Editor for publication in the Bell Tower.
  4. Review possible nominees. Prospective candidates should meet the qualifications for a position before being considered. Ask the Immediate Past President to gather information to see if any person under consideration should not be considered due to an Executive Board disciplinary action or non-recommendation.
  5. If the committee agrees to their re-nomination, contact the Recording Secretary, Treasurer and District Representatives to determine if they will accept appointment for the following year if their term limits have not been met.  Contact First and Second Vice President to ensure that they are willing to ‘move up’. 
  6. A written statement of acceptance must be obtained from the member who has accepted a nomination for a position. (See below for possible letter statement)
  7. The Committee shall prepare a slate of nominees for Officers and Member-at-Large to be presented for election
  8. By February 1, advise President, First Vice President, Committee and Bell Tower Editor in writing, of the slate of officers.
  9. The slate is given to The Bell Tower Editor for publication in the March/April issue.

Important: The Chair does not report to the President during the search for nominees for specific officers. However, the Chair of the Committee shall notify the President of its final decision on nominees before publication of the slate in The Bell Tower. The slate of nominees is presented at the ensuing annual convention for a vote of the members present.

Attached: Nomination Letter

All ABA Position Instructions
(officers, appointments, coordinators and committee chairs):
All ABA positions (officers, appointments, coordinators and committee chairs):
Review your Job Description and send any updates or note of ‘no changes’ to the Job Description Coordinator towards the end of your annual term.
Remit to Treasurer all expenses, with receipts by the end of fiscal year, March 31st.  Committees, whose budgets are large, remit expenses with receipts for payment periodically.
Prepare an annual report for your position and email/mail the report to the Secretary no later than one month before convention.
If a Discussion Form is sent to you by the Secretary, complete and return by email no later than one month before convention.

Important information for name and logo copyrights:
In any print communications there must be the use of the trademarks for the name and logo for ABA.
The first time the organization’s name appears it must be capitalized with the registered trademark following.  THE AMERICAN BELL ASSOCIATION®. 
For the registered trademark: ctrl+alt+r will work on most keyboards.  ®
The name of The Bell Towersm must have a superscript sm after it. 
The sm superscript can be made by clicking the superscript icon in your word processing program sm.
The logo must be the official logo of ABA with the registered trademark.



Dear ____________,

The American Bell Association International, Inc. Nominating Committee has selected you as a nominee for the office of ____________________on the official slate to be presented at the annual convention.   The slate will be published in the Mar-Apr issue of The Bell Tower.

Prior to your accepting this nomination, for your information, I encourage you to go to ABA’s website and read the Job Description and Current Procedures of the office.  Other names may be placed in nomination also, as prescribed in provisions of ABA’s bylaws. The election will take place at a business meeting during the convention.

Congratulations on your nomination! You have our best wishes for a successful election to this office.

Warmest  regards,

_________________________________ Nominating Committee Chair  

Address __________________________

City _______________ State ____ Zip ______

Phone______________                Email__________________________


Please sign and return

 I, the undersigned, accept the nomination of__________________________ in
 The American Bell Association International, Inc. for the year of ________ to


 Date ________                              Signature ____________________________