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 Responsible for keeping officer, committee and appointee job description guidelines current.  Annually update all guidelines, directives, and relevant bylaw changes.



  1. Possess computer skills and be able to access the Bylaws and Job Descriptions of the ABA Website and make changes as necessary.
  2. Have basic knowledge of ABA Bylaws and officer/committee duties


  1. By September, receive from the Bylaws and Standing Rules Chair any revised changes or additions passed by the membership at convention. Ensure changes are uploaded to the ABA website.
  2. Make the Job Description changes resulting from bylaw revisions and Executive Board motions.
  3. Each year send a letter/email to all current officers, appointees and committee chairs, asking that any suggested changes or additions in their Job Description and/or Current Procedures be sent to the Job Description Coordinator. Request officers/chairmen to include any forms or sample letters used.
  4. Assess all suggested changes submitted by officers, chairmen and coordinators, making sure that they do not conflict with the Charter, Bylaws and Standing Rules of the Corporation. Any major revisions of procedures should be forwarded to the ABA President and if needed to the Executive Board for approval. 
  5. After review and approval if needed, prepare revisions for the Website Coordinator to use for posting on the ABA website. 
  6. After the convention, if needed, email all new officers, committee chairmen, and committee members advising them of how to access their job description on the ABA website.  (

Enclosures: Procedure Change Letter












Enclosure: Procedure Change Letter


Procedure Change Letter

January 15, 20___

Dear _________,

I am writing you regarding the job description for your ABA position.  ABA realizes that each Coordinator/Committee Chair/Officer brings a fresh perspective to the job.  My job is to keep the ABA Job Descriptions current.  It is essential to have an up-to-date job description for your job.

You will find the most current version of Job Descriptions on the ABA website.  To find this, go to and click on the link for “ABA Organization”.  Then click “Job Descriptions” and scroll down to find your job description.  Click on the link and yours will appear.  The printer friendly copy will allow you to review, edit and save to your own files any changes to be forwarded to me.

You are asked to please read your job description and ask yourself “Did this job description tell me what I needed to know in order to do the right job?”  If you have confidence that your successor will understand his or her role as it is now written, please let us know the good news! 

If not, please tell us what changes you recommend be made.  You are allowed to recommend changes to procedures.  Please remember to include deadlines, additions, deletions, typos, inconsistencies, clarifications and other pertinent information. 

Once received, changes will be reviewed to insure they do not conflict with bylaws or executive motions.  If the change does, or implies a major change in the job, it will be reviewed by the ABA President and, if needed, the Executive Board.

It would be very helpful if you provide the full original description with attachments and mark the revisions, additions and deletions in red and highlighted.

Thank you. Your help will improve communications within ABA and promote a better understanding of the job for your successor!

Please contact (Job Description Coordinator) at (email address) if you have any questions.

Best regards,

ABA Job Description Coordinator