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Has the responsibility to propose revisions to the ABA Bylaws and Standing Rules to best meet the governing needs of the Corporation.


  1. Experience and/or knowledge in developing bylaws
  2. Be adept at writing clear and concise bylaws and standing rules
  3. Have a background knowledge of the workings of ABA
  4. Have time for details involved in making bylaw revisions and be able to meet deadlines.



  1. The ABA President appoints members of the committee.  The committee selects a Chair.
  2. The Chair shall contact members of the committee and provide a copy of the Bylaws and Standing Rules to any new member.
  3. Have a committee meeting at convention to discuss the year's achievements and future plans.
  4. The committee will discuss any possible changes needed in the Bylaws or Standing Rules.  Changes may be brought to the committee by any member or committee of ABA.
  5. Final proposed revisions shall be sent to the Executive Board for their approval before printing in The Bell Tower.
  6. Inform the Legal Advisor of all proposed revisions to be made as well as final changes to the bylaws.
  7. Any bylaw changes submitted by the committee and approved by the Executive Board must be sent to the Editor, to arrive before February 10th, for printing in the Mar-Apr Bell Tower.
  8. Present proposed bylaw changes at the business meeting at the ABA convention.
  9. Bylaws may be amended by a two-thirds vote of the members in attendance at the business meeting.  A quorum must be present. (Article XIV Amendments, Section 1)
  10. Following the convention, the bylaws are typed, with any revisions that were approved by the membership vote at convention. Send the revised draft to the Bylaws Committee members for review.
  11. Within 30 days following convention, send revised Bylaws to the Job Description Coordinator so changes can be incorporated in the Job Description books/folders/website.
  12. The Bylaws Committee is authorized to correct article and section designations, punctuation, and cross references, and to make such other technical and conforming changes as may be necessary to reflect the intent of ABA in connection with amendment to the Bylaws or Standing Rules. Changes are announced in The Bell Tower and are uploaded to the website. (Article XIV Amendments, Section 1)      

 All ABA Position Instructions (officers, appointments, coordinators and committee chairs):
Review your Job Description and send any updates or note of ‘no changes’ to the Job Description Coordinator towards the end of your annual term.
Remit to Treasurer all expenses, with receipts by the end of fiscal year, March 31st.  Committees, whose budgets are large, remit expenses with receipts for payment periodically.
Prepare an annual report for your position and email/mail the report to the Secretary no later than one month before convention.
If a Discussion Form is sent to you by the Secretary, complete and return by email no later than one month before convention.

Important information for name and logo copyrights:
In any print communications there must be the use of the trademarks for the name and logo for ABA.
The first time the organization’s name appears it must be capitalized with the registered trademark following.  THE AMERICAN BELL ASSOCIATION®. 
For the registered trademark: ctrl+alt+r will work on most keyboards.  ®
The name of The Bell Towersm must have a superscript sm after it. 
The sm superscript can be made by clicking the superscript icon in your word processing program sm.
The logo must be the official logo of ABA with the registered trademark.