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Enclosure 9:

Form Letter




The American Bell Association

4219 Boone Ave North

New Hope, MN 55428-4836




Dear _________,


We are pleased to provide information about The American Bell Association

International, Inc.


Our association is made up of friendly people who enjoy bells, bell collecting, and bell history. Our interests range from sleigh bells, bronze bells, horse bells, camel bells, elephant bells, tap bells, glass and porcelain bells, oriental bells, antique bells, church bells, railroad bells, collectibles, and contemporary bells.


Our association was organized in the 1940's and it is a non-profit organization of over 1,000 members. There are local bell chapters in many of the states and some foreign countries.


We hold an annual convention, featuring interesting speakers, bell forums, carillons, bell sales, and other interesting bell activities.


The Bell Tower, our official 48 page bi-monthly publication, is filled with informative bell articles and pictures.  A copy is enclosed.


Our membership dues, which include The Bell Tower, are $35.00 for a family in the

U.S.A.  Because of higher mailing costs, an additional $12.00 is required for members in Canada or $24.00 for members overseas. If I can furnish more information or answer any questions, please contact me. Enclosed is a membership form if you would like to join our association.


We look forward to hearing from you.

Sincerely yours,





Bell Tower Standing Committee