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Enclosure 5:

Suggested Uses of Collins Memorial Bell Tower Funds



Suggested Uses of Collins Memorial Bell Tower Funds


1. Equipment for Editor, Membership Chairman, etc.

a. Improve, replace older equipment

b. Scanner, update computer to increase memory, speed, capability

c. Printer replacement

2. Encourage bell researched articles for The Bell Tower

a. Devise incentives to attract such quality articles

b. Encourage Chapters and Clubs to participate

3. Include occasional color in some Bell Towers

a. Use color pictures with an outstanding bell supplement

b. Provide means to use color to attract interest

4. Possible funding to encourage bell articles to be placed on tapes for VCR's

5. Produce a video showing activities/events of conventions

a. Convention promotion vehicle

b. Loaned for chapter meetings to promote convention interest and attendance and other promotional materials to prospective members requesting information on ABA

7. Design a pamphlet including Organizational Bell, General Grant Bell pictures; benefits of belonging to ABA; Bell Tower excerpts; Educational Endowment scholarships; brief ABA purposes; brief paragraph on ABA history; other  (Include this pamphlet in an issue of The Bell Tower for removal to be used in promoting and advertising ABA and/or provide copies at cost)

8. Upgrade weight of Bell Tower paper to improve pictures, etc.

9. Funds to assist in cost of printing pictures for articles requested by Editor for Bell