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Enclosure 4:

Collins Memorial Bell Tower Fund Guidelines



Collins Memorial Bell Tower Fund Guidelines


1. Bell Tower Standing Committee to manage and determine usage of the fund (approved at June 27, 1992 Executive Board meeting, Appleton, Wisconsin convention.)

2. Collins Memorial Bell Tower Fund not to be called or considered an endowment fund.

3. Contributions to this fund to be sent to ABA Treasurer

a. Money deposited in restricted line item

b. Names and amounts sent to Bell Tower Standing Committee Chairman by Treasurer

c. "Thank you" letters sent to all contributors by designated Bell Tower Standing Committee member

d. Contribution reports made to ABA President

4. Periodical reports placed in The Bell Tower

a. Names of people contributing

b. Articles on possible usage of funds

c. Report of actual usage

d. Articles encouraging contributions                                          

5. Utilization of Fund

a. Bell Tower Standing Committee determines usage and keeps the Executive Board informed

b. Short and long range usage determined by Bell Tower Standing Committee

6. Objectives in determining Fund usage

a. Maintain and assure the continued excellence and perpetuation of The Bell Tower publication

b. Continue to improve high quality bell articles through research incentives

c. Add to members education on bells through innovative Bell Tower material

d. Keep equipment upgraded to provide the best possible service at affordable prices

e. In so far as is possible, with the assistance of this fund, keep The Bell Tower professional, membership growing, costs under control, so that membership dues can remain constant for some time