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Current Duties of Bell Tower Standing Committee Members


A. Chairman

1. Handles all communications on Bell Tower mechanics with Sundance Printing Company.

2. Reviews bimonthly invoices of printing costs from, sends to ABA Treasurer for payment.

3. Determine number of Bell Towers to be printed after receiving current number of memberships from Membership Chairman.

4. All committee expenses, with receipts, are sent to the Chairman for signature who sends them to the ABA Treasurer, at designated intervals, for payment. Records are kept for each BTSC member for annual report. Each expense is assigned to BTSC budget line item account.

5. Bell Tower Standing Committee budget line items for submitting expenses to Chairman.

a. 422-A Editor's expenses, supplies (annually)

b. 422-E Foreign mailings

c. 422-F Editor's convention registration

d. 422-G Editor's fee (bimonthly)

e. 422-I Cost of mailing replacement Bell Towers, inquiries and related correspondence, including copies, mailing envelopes, telephone, etc.

f. 422-J Miscellaneous expenses

g. 422-K Collins Memorial Bell Tower Fund

h. 422-L Pictures for Bell Tower articles

i. 426-H Bell Tower Standing Committee Chairman's expenses, postage, telephone, copies, etc.

j. 334   Income received for postage/handling for sending "Free" Bell Towers, etc.

6. Keeps running itemized record of Bell Tower costs, (Enclosure 13)

7. Coordinates with Editor and assists as requested.

8. Prepares Bell Tower annual budget. The proposal is sent to the ABA Treasurer at the end of the fiscal year, March 31.

9. Receives Membership Chairman budget and final expense copy. Reviews Membership Chairman position with BTSC annually.

10. Committee reviews Editor position annually.

11. Submits reports to Executive Committee at convention; attends Executive Committee meeting at convention.

12. Assigns any additional duties to BTSC members throughout the year.

13. Receives back-up membership disk from Membership Chairman.

14. Chairs annual BTSC meeting at convention. Provides agenda.


B. Committee Member Number One

1. Receives Collins Memorial Bell Tower contributions; mails acknowledgments; sends information to Editor for Bell Tower; sends check to ABA Treasurer, (enclosures 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 12, and 15)

2. Takes secretary notes at BTSC Committee meetings, if requested by Chairman.

3. BTSC representative on ABA Budget Committee meeting at convention.

4. Attends BTSC annual meeting at convention.

5. Prepares reports on Collins Memorial Bell Tower Fund for Executive Committee convention meeting. Sends expenses under budget item 422-K to BTSC Chairman, with receipts, for payment.


C. Committee Member Number Two (Former duties of Advertising Chairman)

1. Has been a member of ABA for at least three years.

2. Has knowledge in advertising and ability to assist advertisers in general format of    ads, etc.

      3. Has computer knowledge and equipment compatible with Editor.

      4. Maintains close contact with Editor before each issue or whenever necessary.

5. Writes response to letters or calls requesting advertising information.

6. Works with prospective advertisers in placing advertisements, costs, and related questions.

7. Helps advertiser set up ad, if not camera ready.

8. Redo ads on computer, if necessary, to conform to guidelines.

9. Sends ads to editor by deadlines.

10. All checks received by the Chairman will be made payable to the ABA Treasurer and will be forwarded to the ABA Treasurer for deposit after each issue's deadline.

11. Maintains copy of ads on file for reference.

12. Maintains records of advertisers and payment received.

13. Maintains a list of those dealers who have an interest in buying a complete collection of bells. After paying a fee of $15.00 they will be on the list for one year. These names will be sent to the ABA web site coordinator.

14. Remits to Treasurer all expenses, with receipts, when the job is completed but no later than end of fiscal year, March 31st.

15. Attends and reports yearly activities at BTSC annual meeting at convention.


D. Committee Member Number Three

1. Stores extra Bell Towers sent by printer.

2. Sends inquiry packet requested by correspondence received at ABA mailing address.  Packet includes Bell Tower, flyer, membership blank, form letter, and if a beginner collector, the "An Introduction to BELL COLLECTING" booklet. Keep expense record, (enclosures 6 and 7) when sending expenses under budget line item 433-1 to BTSC Chairman.

3. Sends Bell Towers to new members as requested by the Membership Chairman.

      (Enclosures 6 and 7)

4. Sends current issues to members requesting extra copies. Request to be accompanied by $3.00 per copy before sending. Expenses under budget line item 422-1. (Enclosures 6 and 7)

5. Sends "free" back issues to requests by members. Weigh and send cost of postage and handling to member and receive check before mailing Bell Towers. Send receipt for expenses under budget line item 334 to BTSC Chairman for signature and ABA Treasure to pay. (Enclosure 7)

6. Keeps records of expenses for annual report.

7. Attends BTSC annual meeting at convention.

8. Note: these duties have been assumed by the Membership Chairman.


E. Committee Member Number Four

1. P.O. Box coordinator

2. Sends letters received in P.O. Box to proper committee members, weekly.

3. Sends list of Bell Towers returned to PO Box for wrong address, to Membership Chairman with new address.

4. Answers letters received from ABA P.O. Box Number requesting information on bells, identification, etc.

5. Researches bells, when needed, from past Bell Towers/available sources to answer requests. Seeks additional information, if needed from designated ABA members.

6. Responds to letters requesting $4.00 ABA membership as printed on some Sarna tags. (Enclosure 14)

7. Responds to letters requesting information on how to sell collections, bells, etc.

Encloses sample sheet and Bell Tower advertising sheet.

8. Works with chairman and assigned BTSC member on software, computer, and other equipment when needed for Editor.

9. Submits expenses, under budget line item 422-1, of postage, telephone expense, etc. to BTSC Chairman periodically for payment.

10. Attends annual BTSC meeting at convention.

11. Note: these duties have been assumed by the Membership Chairman.