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Bylaws and Job Descriptions


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President   (revised November 2014)

First Vice-President  (revised July 2003)

Second Vice-President  (revised June 2006)

Treasurer  (reviewed April 2015)

Recording Secretary  (revised March 2015)

Immediate Past President  (revised April 2015)

District Representative  (revised April 2015)

Past President on the Executive Board  (revised March 2015)



Auction Committee  (revised April 2015)

Audit Committee  (revised April 2015)

BEHOLD Displays Coordinator  (revised March 2015)

The Bell Tower Editor  (revised Nov 2006)

Bell Tower Standing Committee  (revised June 2009)

Budget Committee  (revised April 2015)

Chaplain  (revised March 2015)

Charter, Bylaws, and Standing Rules Committee  (revised March 2015)

Convention Chairman  (revised March 2015)

Convention Hotel Coordinator  (revised March 2015)

Convention Standing Committee  (revised March 2015)

Coordinator of Regional Groups, Chapters, and Study Clubs  (revised May 2015)

Custodian of Properties  (revised March 2015)

Historian  (revised May 2015)

Internet Coordinator  (revised March 2015)

Job Description Coordinator  (revised September 2014)

Legal Advisor  (revised April 2015)

Membership Chairman  (revised March 2015)

Membership Expansion Committee  (revised March 2015)

Nominating Committee  (revised May 2015)

Parliamentarian  (revised May 2015)

Special Services Chairman  (revised June 2010)

Tax Consultant  (reviewed April 2015)

Town Crier  (revised April 2015)

Welcome Letter Writers Committee  (revised April 2015)